Wear what makes you happy!

Sis listen….
Stop saying when I get _____ size I’ll wear those shorts, that top, that sexy dress, a sleeveless shirt or better yet a 2 piece swimsuit. NO! Do it NOW. What’s holding you back? Other people? Yeah well they will not be the ones to look back and say I wish I had done what makes me happy now are they. Nope. We all have insecurities I assure. I have a whole blog to write about it but that’s for another day.

Right now stop and think about the clothes you wish you had the confidence to put on. I want you to dig deep and start telling yourself I am worthy enough and beautiful enough to wear XYZ. positive affirmations daily will change your mind set. Trust me I have do do this exercise myself every day.  

I will be your cheerleader I promise you. And there will be days I need y’all to remind me of these things. We are in this together. 

Until my next peep talk. 

love ya curvy queens 😘

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